Insights from a Stress Management Workshop in Bahrain

13 May 2024

Insights from a Stress Management Workshop in Bahrain

To teach is to learn twice…and when I carried this approach to facilitate a stress management workshop in Bahrain, over two days, the learning that I took back was phenomenal.

A simple yet profound and beautiful way to stay calm in the storm (of stress) is to use common metaphors of life.

Here are a few examples:

Metaphor1 – Life is a journey

If life is a journey, you and I are travelers…we met, journeyed together for some time and we will split. Additionally, as travelers, every scene that comes is part of the journey that we must go through in order to reach our destination. This way, I am now better equipped to handle tough situations and separations which is researched to be one of the greatest stress triggers in life.

Metaphor2 – Life is a School

If life is a school, you and I are life-long students. We have an open mindset and look for lessons from setbacks and failures. People and situations that put undue pressure on us, are our teachers, who constantly test and strengthen our patience, perseverance, tolerance and determination – our irritation and frustration are now converted to respect and awe. This way, I am now far better equipped to deal with undue pressure from others.

Metaphor3 – Life is a Game

If life is s a game, you and I are players on the field. We come prepared to win as well as to enjoy the game. We celebrate victories and learn from losses. We go back, practice harder, and return for the next game. This way, I am light in my dealings because I care, but not that much because I am after all playing a game!

So, next time you get stressed about something, sit back, take a few deep & slow breaths and contemplate one of these metaphors of life…you will begin relaxing and rebuilding your resilience to bounce back to your original magnificent self.

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