Gift from Ghana

13 May 2024

Gift from Ghana

Sometimes you need to take a step back to move forward, stronger.

When an artist wants to design a masterpiece, they need to pay attention to the intricacy of every brush stokes…
And although they may seem largely focused on the detailing of their art, every once in a while, they would stop, step back, gain perspective and resume.

While each of us may be busy clocking amazing speeds in life,
How often do we step back to see why we’re doing what we’re doing?
How would we like to show up each morning and continuously improve?

During my recent visit to Accra in Ghana to co-facilitate the ‘Attitude Mastery Power Lounge (AMPL)’ seminar, I met E-Flex, who brought amazing life into the seminar with his themed dances and astounding theatrical performance.

I saw him and his team tirelessly rehearse the night before our seminar, creatively incorporating fresh and fun elements into their piece. There was no doubt that he loved what he had found in his Zen. His energy and genuine love seamlessly blended with the ‘attitude-mastery-power’ workshop, leaving 250 members of the audience mesmerized.

A simple takeaway for me, when doing something, do it with all my heart. Anything less will result in mediocrity and snatch me away from the possibility of perfection!

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