An Introduction

Through our unique CSR initiative, wefacilitate workshops on ‘Awakening the Spirit of Values’for professionals at Special Needs Center’son a Non-profit basis.The workshop offers a holistic model to healthcare with its fresh, values-based approach to learning and development.

At a time when excessive workloads are putting many healthcare workers under increased strain, these workshops address an important gap in soft skills training whileeffectively contributing to their professional development.
Values provides an educational resource based on small group facilitated experiential learning. It sets out to answer: ‘How can professionals deliver the best possible care, and at the same time enable them to feel enriched and supported by their work.’ How can they thrive, rather than just survive?

How will it ?

The materials and activities within the program uses experiential approach while exploring a number of core human values and encouraging participants to express them in their personal and professional lives. The learning outcomes pave the way to increase productivity with renewed enthusiasm and work-life balance. With the inside-out approach to care, organizations have successfully preventedstaff burnout, sickness absence andimprovedstaff retention.
Workshops offered: benefit

1. Valuing Yourself
2. The Power of Positivity
3. The Art of Compassionate Care
4. Effective Communication and Teamwork
5. Empowering the Self and Our Relations
Workshop Duration:Minimum 2.5 hours per workshop

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