Executive Coaching


Executive coaching is a one-to-one mutually designed relationship between an executive coach and a key executive contributor accountable for highly complex decisions that affect the organization as a whole. The focus of coaching is generally on organizational performance and/or development. It may also include a personal focus. Coaching facilitates positive change by improving the quality of thinking.


Our coaches reside in UAE and have undergone extensive coach specific training, passed challenging certification programs and delivered hundreds of hours of coaching before acting as coaches..


Coaching is ideal for busy people, senior managers, executives and professionals. Organizations are also engaging their high potentials and top performers through coaching programs.


Our coaching model takes between 3-6 months and is made up of 12 one hour sessions.

coaching journey

  • Current reality
  • future view
  • Strategy mapping
  • Action Implementation
  • Goal Summiting
  • Measure and Monitor progress
  • Destroying Impediments