Chuck it, if it ain’t worth it!

Everything and every person around you are vying and competing for your most valuable resource. No, not your money it’s your time! You can always regenerate money, and largely regain health but you can never get your time back. If you have not already done this, it is crucial for you to apply the Pareto’sPrinciple […]

Unlocking the Power of Forgetfulness: A Guide to Connection, Growth, and Self-Improvement Through Positive Reframing

Your future depends on the choices you are making right now! Choose to relax, choose to be peaceful, choose to be powerful. Relax – move your wrists in a circular motion, move your ankles in a circular motion (3 times – clockwise & anticlockwise); now move your right arm forward and back in a circular […]

Humility alone will not help

johnmaxwell describes the various levels that leaders must go through, graduating from level1 upwards until they eventually evolve into level5 leaders, the highest level in leadership. One distinguishing factor he mentions is that while level 5 leaders have all theingredients of leaders from levels 1 to 4, they are such natural that they have no […]

Navigating Forgetfulness: Turning Weakness into Strength

By the way, I am not very good at remembering people’s names and I think we have all had those moments where we blank out on someone’s name. It’s like our brain decides to take a coffee break just when we need it the most. And of course, #Murphy‘s Law kicks in, and they not only remember […]

Great Teams Have Great Themes!

Every musical instrument in an orchestra is crucial in creating a symphony that the composer had envisaged, regardless of how faint or little its contribution. Without that particular instrument, the music would be incomplete and lacking. When google studied outstanding teams globally to understand what makes them great, the last thing that they would have […]

Simplifying Stress

Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.Simplifying things garners clarity and guarantees success.If I were to attribute ‘Stress’ to a single word, that that word would be ‘Control’. We could all, consciously or unconsciously, be control freaks, however we must be on the right side of the control continuum.Perfectly […]

We are all Yogis!

It is interesting how I get many requests from corporates and MBA students to incorporate ‘yoga’ in my sessions. They find it relaxing, relieving, and it helps them concentrate with clarity. Since I help them experience ‘yogaofthemind” which does not necessarily include any physical postures, I help them see that yoga truly means ‘union’ or […]

Your Mind’s Diet

USD 125 billion was the estimated health and wellness food market size in 2023, reflecting a substantial investment in sustaining a healthy body. Wonder if we are paying equal attention to healthy food for the mind? An alert, active, and energetic mind that is calm and stable is an asset and must be fed appropriately. […]


Timing of any change is a very essential thing. It can turn one’s organizational image upside down, and if valued and taken care of while making decisions, can help you skyrocket with the change of circumstances. While given a scenario of being the head supervisor of any organization, many of us even, being skilled enough, […]


Bringing new changes in any organization can unleash a very tough time, mainly for the one who decided to do so. The problems discussed so far might just be the tip of an iceberg for the decision-making members of any company. Where the game is all about watching details, it can teach an organization some […]