I have taken to roller skating after decades.

I find it truly fascinating when I can smoothly slide across from one end of the street to another, maintaining perfect balance. Balance is truly blissful, and the beauty of it is that we are responsible to create it. Stressed or Overexcited? Not good places to be for too long. Here are four simple yet […]

On reflection – we’ve decided to invite your competitors to pitch for our business

When we get a statement of this kind from our client, what is the first question that we respond with? “Why?” “But why would you do this?” This is quite a poor question to ask because it makes the client justify their decision, drawing out many reasons which were perhaps quite insignificant till now; the […]

Cultivating Energy Creativity and Motivation

Often, we would find ourselves in the pits, struggling to emanate positivity. Despite the misfortunes that we might face, we have the ability to stay completely motivated and fill ourselves with energy, creativity, and possibility.In this article, I have shared my three simple, yet profound ideas that would help you rise out of any setbacks […]

Unlocking Executive Wealth – Insights Beyond Self-Perception

A nagging thought for most executives across all levels is ‘how wealthy am I ‘here is an insight that will undoubtedly rank you much higher than you yourself ever envisaged!

A Self-Reflective Journey to Challenge Status Quo

We all can experience these three invaluable aspects which I have penned down, nevertheless, there are greater possibilities of maintaining status-quo that we may lose sight of them. Look at this little blog as a ‘self-check’ and share your insights with me.

Insights from a Stress Management Workshop in Bahrain

To teach is to learn twice…and when I carried this approach to facilitate a stress management workshop in Bahrain, over two days, the learning that I took back was phenomenal. A simple yet profound and beautiful way to stay calm in the storm (of stress) is to use common metaphors of life. Here are a […]

Gift from Ghana

Sometimes you need to take a step back to move forward, stronger. When an artist wants to design a masterpiece, they need to pay attention to the intricacy of every brush stokes…And although they may seem largely focused on the detailing of their art, every once in a while, they would stop, step back, gain […]

Stop Overthinking!

Most of us relish the GoodTimes and detest the tough…so much so that we burn ourselves out to ensure we are ‘over protected’. It is always a good thing to take caution and prepare, however, we must come to terms with the fact that regardless of our efforts, we will be subject to tough times. The good news […]

Get Fishy At Work!

Organizations worldwide, consciously or unconsciously, use the ‘Fish Philosophy’ to improve teamwork, customer service, employee engagement, leadership and retention. The practice of ‘PLAY’ (one of the four themes) increases enthusiasm and reduces stress. It is easier to achieve serious goals if you have fun doing it. Sharing moments of enjoyment with coworkers builds camaraderie and […]

Where is the Love?

It is normal to get stressed about repetitive actions that barely seem to add value. It is imperative to make efforts to change the situation in whatever way possible, in case that is not happening, then resort to ‘unconditional acceptance’. Unconditional Acceptance emerges from a space of love and power and can completely melt the stress away. Let me give you an example. You drive every day […]

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