Get Fishy At Work!

12 May 2024

Get Fishy At Work!

Organizations worldwide, consciously or unconsciously, use the ‘Fish Philosophy’ to improve teamwork, customer service, employee engagement, leadership and retention.

The practice of ‘PLAY’ (one of the four themes) increases enthusiasm and reduces stress. It is easier to achieve serious goals if you have fun doing it.

Sharing moments of enjoyment with coworkers builds camaraderie and trust.

A playful approach encourages customer service that is genuine and friendly.
Qatar airways is a brilliant example of taking something as mundane as a ‘pre-flight safety briefing’ and making it ‘brilliant’.

You are transported from Doha’s Education City to the water villas and white sands of Maldives. From here they demonstrate the exits of the flight
and the place where your safety card is stored.

For the next demo, you are taken from Lusail Stadium to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills showing how to wear your safety jacket. It is fun, fascinating, and educational and ensures that the regulations are met with style.

Shouldn’t you begin considering how to include ‘play’ in your personal and professional life?

With an open and exploratory mind, you can make your journey magnificent while achieving amazing results!

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