Where is the Love?

11 May 2024

Where is the Love?

It is normal to get stressed about repetitive actions that barely seem to add value. It is imperative to make efforts to change the situation in whatever way possible, in case that is not happening, then resort to ‘unconditional acceptance’.

Unconditional Acceptance emerges from a space of love and power and can completely melt the stress away.

Let me give you an example. You drive every day to work during peak hours, and what usually would take you 10 minutes, now takes you 2 hours.

You have left no stone unturned to change your situation but simply must continue. What do you??

Ask yourself the 5 whys –
Why am I doing what I am doing?

By the time you reach your last why, you will see that you are doing it for the love of someone or something. You will see a higher purpose or value guiding this action, such as love for your family, the kind of work you do, a neighborhood that cultivates excellence and so on. Once you see it, you will realize a deeper meaning for yourself and choose to be cool and composed!

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