There is only NEWS no good or bad news

11 May 2024

There is only NEWS, no good or bad news

A fearful Shifu approaches his master in Kungfu Panda, saying he has ‘bad news’.

His master responds with deep wisdom, ‘Shifu, there is only news, there is no good or bad news’!

Events are powerless and lifeless; it is the way we interpret them that gives them life. Good and Bad are ‘perceptions’ that we create!

The moment we divorce judging events and happenings as good or bad, we free ourselves from biases, stereotypes and limitations and enter the realm
of pure ‘possibilities!

Shower of Power: Contemplate this thought as you begin your day –
“I understand that change is the only certain thing, and I will approach it with complete acceptance today.
I may not understand the reason behind the change immediately, but I know that, sooner or later, the light will shine, and I will understand the reason for the happening.
I will choose to suspend judging events and give the benefit of the doubt to ‘time’.
In other words, I choose to be wise today’!

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