The Attachment Abandonment Pendulum

11 May 2024

The Attachment – Abandonment Pendulum

Age-old wisdom tells us that attachment is the root of all miseries. Additionally, when we are attached to something, our perception gets affected and clarity gets lost.
Not a very useful thing to carry at work.

As an experiment, investigate and surprise yourself with the things that you are attached to. The usual suspects may range from your name, title, company, possessions, ideas, reputation and the list go on. In fact, the list usually increases as the days go by.

In a recent workshop, a team constructed the tallest tower using paper. One of the participants got offended when we cleared and binned the tower towards the end of the workshop. It took them 20 minutes to build, using paper, she had her selfie taken, and now it was time to say goodbye, but she simply did not feel okay that it was binned.

Imagine how easy it can be to get attached to things that ‘I’ create, which happens so very often.

One big attachment is ‘I am right’, and ‘You are wrong’. Am sure that by now you would have realized that attachment is definitely different from love because there is no room for ‘I’ in true love.

When the pain of attachment gets too much, what people do is they withdraw and step away, abandoning the thing that triggers this pain, believing that they are detaching from it……however, doing so is not detaching but abandoning that thing or person.

The right strategy must be to stay connected and close enough to influence and, but far enough to retain perspective and clarity. That is true detachment.

Absolve the stronghold of “I” and you absolve attachment!

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