07 Nov 2021


Leadership leads you towards a better version of yourself. It lets you see a vision of the future and works towards ways to achieve it. Your capability and capacity as a leader determine your effectiveness in other sectors of your life. If you have turned out to be a good leader, you definitely are going to be good at other aspects and similarly, if you have your leadership range still on an edge to improvise, it clearly reflects your other attributes that need improvement as well. As you work on improvising your leadership skills, it will clearly depict a refinement in your other skills.

So, let’s say if you want to scale up your business while also laying foundations towards a stronger family, improvised health, progressing mental health, and all the areas of your life which are significant to you. You have to continually work on analyzing all the significant areas of our lives and raise that lid higher.

Let us analyze together how well we can actually grow ourselves and raise that lid we have set for ourselves higher.

Acceptance: Acceptance in itself holds a value of an expression, a power to realize. With which I mean acceptance of our own selves. Accepting our own behavior, our power of judgment.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were continuously berating yourself?

Have you ever been in a situation where continuous bullying or criticism brought you a feeling of shame?

Now when we talk about judging ourselves, we all have done that in some situation or the other. And that is okay but now all I want you to try is acceptance!

Accepting that we might not know a few things;

Accepting that we are learning;

Accepting that it’s okay!

I want you to acknowledge the fact that when we say we are learning, it implies we are trying to grasp things we don’t know. I want you to STOP judging yourself. There is no point in wasting your precious energy on thinking why you did that or You could have done better or you should not have done that. I want you to slightly change that perspective and every time you counter a thought that is not productive, reverse it. So, when you get a thought like, why did I do this; try. It’s ok I have done that, I accept myself and now I will move forward and evolve in a better and more devised fashion. This is what I mean when I emphasize the term “Acceptance.”

Innocence: What maximizes learning is the mindset of a beginner. We need to tender care for that innocence within us. We need to release all the comparisons and evaluations to see and accept what is going to be really helpful in our leadership endeavors. Let us evolve and grow as beautifully as a child. No Embarrassment, No Judgments; Just Evolvements!

Positive Focus: Focus on what is actually working in our lives. When we shift our focus on what positive we have to acknowledge in our lives, we’ll see our gratitude shift for almost 98% of the things. This means almost 98% of the things happening in our lives are positive. Yes, there might be 2% of the things that might not be working well but why are we focusing on those! Let me tell you something very simple, what we focus on grows; If you focus on your strengths, you release a vibration, positive energy and it expands; similarly, if you are focusing on something negative, or on your weakness, you release a vibration, energy for that too and it expands!

So shift, target, and define your energy, your focus on the 98% of positivity of your life and you will effectively overcome the 2% that is not working.

There was this research conducted by Florida State University where they were trying to find out the reason that some people performed extremely well. And it was not their educational qualifications or their talents. There were just two key factors that outgrew every other aspect and they were, Effort & Practice.

An effort at anything you want to be good at or draw your career from or want to be successful at along with practicing consistently at which they wanted to excel. That is all we need to match our pace with. We need to make sure we are not wasting our energy and utilizing it in a well-defined fashion to be great leaders of our teams and our organizations.

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