06 Nov 2021


Every day we will be practicing certain things to look ourselves as a professional, but still, we lack something which is very essential. First of all, we must know in what we are good, what we are lacking and which one requires more time to practice, to know that post the following questions to yourself every day.

What do I look like?

The most important fact is the appearance, the professionalism, intelligence and the trust in people form in you are mainly due to the appearance and the appearance influences the people around you. Both the personal and professional grooming is very essential. A well-ironed clothes with a warm smile is always recommended, see how well you look with your attire and make slight changes to your look every day, pick one style which perfectly suits you.

What do I sound like?

A person who is communicating with us will listen to the tone of voice, hence speak with a firm voice, keep your tone and volume as even as possible. If you are shouting or whispering, the people tend to mean you are less intelligent. To make your speech clear avoid mumbling and don’t speak too fast or too slow. Record your voice, listen to it and analyze your tone, pitch and loudness of your voice.

What do I say?

A person will listen to you if you speak clearly without any flaw. When you speak use proper grammar, if you don’t know the proper grammar, then listen to the people who speak with proper grammar, add more effort to read high-quality books. Avoid using filler languages, if you use fillers people tend to think you as a slow thinker. Use the correct words and pronounce the words properly. Expressing your words clearly will sound more intelligent.

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