humility alone will not help

06 May 2024

Humility alone will not help

Johnmaxwell describes the various levels that leaders must go through, graduating from level1 upwards until they eventually evolve into level5 leaders, the highest level in leadership.

One distinguishing factor he mentions is that while level 5 leaders have all the ingredients of leaders from levels 1 to 4, they are such natural that they have no arrogance about their achievements. They evolve from
‘I know that I know’ to ‘I don’t know that I know’.

Jimcollins brings greater clarity to this in his book goodtogreat after studying many level 5 leaders and stated that all these leaders have two distinct qualities – humility and strongwill. I would like to challenge leaders of today who have stunning achievements to their credit to inculcate humility by detaching themselves from their egos and listening to their
people with empathy.

Additionally, they must match this humility with a strong will by being decisive in implementing what is right and beneficial to all concerned.

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