15 Nov 2021


Who is a leader?

A leader is someone who directs, visualizes, grows, and succeeds not as an individual but as a team.

The five stages guiding you towards the array of leadership are:

1.Position: The Position is a title or certain rights which are advanced to their power to lead. The leader initially starts with a position. Although this is the first step but definitely not the best one.

2.Permission: Permission is a very crucial stage because as they say, “Before you win their hands, you have to win their hearts”. With this initiation of trying to create relationships, people start liking them and with that, they get permission to lead. They reflect with their acts, that they are not there just for their own interest but for the organization and help people to achieve their goals for the organization.

3.Production: Production implies a stage where people are able to generate results. Leaders, whether they are leading a team, a department, a project, or an organization have specific objectives and results to be achieved. And, therefore, just being liked or being trusted is not enough. There have to be some really impactful set of results for which you have been brought into the organization, into that position.

4.People Development: This stage is completely about reproduction. Just wonder the efficiency of an organization that is pipelined with great leaders. The prerequisites to this are definitely a lot of focus, coaching, mentoring, supporting, and training other managers or other members of your team that can take on more responsible positions and can do things deeper and effectively than they did before. This is a very significant part or area that a leader arrays his success through.

5.The Pinnacle: Pinnacle is a stage that leaders earn. They have executed this part of production and reproduction so many times at so many different places and in so many different projects and in so many different departments that now they are doing it in the most unconscious manner. So there is a huge amount of unconscious competence that makes them realize that they are great at what they are doing but they are not holding the ego of it. They have really gained mastery over leadership and are fantastic at getting the results done in any organization. They have the permissions and are adept at getting the results done. They are continually moving up by developing people quickly where they go.

Have you reached the stage of production with the permission of people? Have you moved on to people development? How many people are you developing right now? Have you reached the pinnacle stage? Once we scan ourselves and see where we stand we must lay our focus on moving forward or becoming better.

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