15 Nov 2021


Leadership is a complete reflection of your management skills, how you develop others, how you polish them, prepare them, and upskill them to move forward. Having said that, the most crucial phase of the leadership cycle is, Being Proactive and Modelling the Way.

Now what does being proactive and modelling the way actually mean? For a leader, being proactive is the basic, most important and the first priority. Now being proactive means going beyond excuses, choosing to respond rather than react, clarity of values, and being able to align those values in the workplace. It is very crucial to understand the values and their implementation for the successful execution of strategizing and evolving as a whole.
Now, let us together analyze what actually does being proactive reflect. Assuming the stats of performance and motivation, something which you can drive for yourself with respect to the work environment (in terms of technology, or climate, or market), which is largely not under our control, might help us understand a few basics.

Irresponsible Leaders: Leaders whose performance is impacted by the environment. Who tend to blame everything on the situation and search for excuses. Therefore, resulting in poor performance.

Incompetent Leaders: Leaders whose performance is still low when the environment is quite conducive. They lack the sense of competition that helps the environment to move forward.

Competent Leaders: Competent leaders are the ones whose performance and motivation work in favor. They are able to make the best of the opportunities and competencies and work towards the progression of the organization.

Proactive Leaders: Leaders who work really efficiently and well even when the environment is tough, and are both competent and responsible, are proactive leaders.

Leadership is not always seen when things are good to go or the environment is very supportive. Real leadership comes out when the situations are difficult and yet you are the motivator of a good performance. So as a real leader you acknowledge the difficult situations yet take responsibility for the performance. To be a proactive leader, you must be able to analyze what is going on in your head first and from there you should be able to decide the priority of your action. You should be able to decide what you’re going to do and commit to yourself that you are not going to step back without achieving your set aspects. You have to be generative and be confident of the results as long as you are doing things in the right direction.

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