15 Nov 2021


What is grooming?

Grooming is the process of making yourself looks neat and attractive, in other word enhancement of your outer image. Personal grooming entails personal hygiene.

Personal grooming can improve self-confidence and enhances the chances of success in many areas of your life. The professionalism, intelligence and the trust people form in you is mainly due to appearance. Whether it is real or imaginary the most important fact is that your appearance influences the opinions of everyone around you.

How is grooming linked to Sales?

Personal grooming is an important aspect of customer service.

Sell yourself – The reality is that you must sell yourself before you sell your skills – “personal salesmanship”, selling yourself is grooming yourself to impress your customers. First impressions are made within the first five minutes of meeting a person.

You need not speak a word but your appearance speaks about the company to the customers. The reputation of a company relies on the uniform or dress code of that company. A neat clean well-ironed uniform is acceptable and appreciate able since it helps to relate well with others. Matured appearance shows the passion of your work, this makes people or the customer remember you.

If the customer is impressed he/she will automatically build a rapport and will be ready to lend their ears to listen to you to know more about the product and shows interest to buy your product and also invites the people to your step, this automatically increase your sale.

Established in the United Arab Emirates, Ecube has been successfully delivering leadership, management and soft skills training programs to corporate. It’s training titles include situational leadership, time management, stress management, customer service and sales training across the Gulf including Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. Every training session is preceded by a training needs analysis and is followed by measurement of training results.

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