15 Nov 2021


The non-verbal communications deliver the message by suppressing the verbal communications. The emotional words cannot speak out are expressed through non-verbal communications. The key factors delivering non-verbal communications are facial expressions, postures, gestures, eye contact, touch and space. For example, if a person asking questions which you think not appropriate for the situation, then you just chose to fill the message.

Facial expressions are the universal donor of the emotions without any verbal communications. The facial expressions help to understand the psyche and the thought process of the opponent and reveal the original message of the emotions.

Postures are the position you are holding your body while standing or sitting, the saggy postures will develop a negative feedback as a slothful and unproductive person and the person loses confidence in you. Everyone wishes to meet and embrace rapport to the person with rigid body posture.

Gestures are the positive body language vital for demonstrating the care and concern for the opponent receiver. If you an orator in a presentation the audience expects some positive gestures to express like waving hands walking and even demonstrating the speech as a small act, instead of standing like an ideal.

Maintaining eye contact will influence the person who is listening to you to invest their time and if you are the receiver and you maintain direct eye contact with the speaker, he will be more interested and enthusiastic to state everything he wanted to deliver.

Touch communicates a great deal through a healthy handshake and it is so important to learn the proper way to shake hands because the first impression is essential in many social and business situations.

Space – Proxemics – body bubble

The essential physical distance you maintain from people because of your relationship with them and your emotional state of mind. 

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