15 Nov 2021


“Leading by example is more effective than leading by command.” Command and control are no more an effective way to lead anymore. Leading through example is what is the need of the hour and plays a very vital role for us. The best practices to get it done in organization are through:

  1. Communication

Employee communication is important. It is imperative to balance between business and people. Communication helps people to stay informed and ace up productivity. It reinforces the organizational values in a different way and assists the employees to stay motivated.

  1. Showing and building trust

Team members have various responsibilities and therefore as a leader it is important to stay connected but avoid micro managing. Being too interfering makes the team members doubt their own capabilities. Remember to pay attention to the feedback by the team members too.

  1. Take Responsibility of the Outcomes

Managing outcomes is an excellent approach to manage teams effectively. It is important to recognize efforts over results is an important technique to adjust to priorities and challenges.

  1. Building A Lasting Culture

Building a compassionate culture regardless of working from home during pandemic or even in the later stages, requires tremendous intentionality. The remote working environments have changed the culture from tea breaks, to relocating energy largely to serve society. Creating a positive loop of ideas, values, and actions develops stronger bonds at work.

Therefore, a leader definitely acknowledges that they have been given a position to maintain specific order in the organization. The role that they play has more to do with maintaining a positive cycle at work. Cheers!

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