15 Nov 2021


Social selling emerged before few years and turned out into massive success in marketing and sales process. Social selling is the concept of promoting our products directly through social media. The shoppers engage with content, images and videos for generating real time shopping experience for the customers. Getting traffic from the social media is a great way of increasing website traffic or ranking for free. Social media do not limit on particular brands or industries, etc., whether it is social selling, content marketing or customer support, social media is a perfect platform.

Identify appropriate media

With social selling success the first step is to identify the perfect media for particular customers, not all the people are engaged on Facebook or Linkedin or twitter or instagram or YouTube. The customers will vary with varying necessity, for example, the girls may look for cosmetics, boys for mobile accessories and women may look for cooking recipes, men for efficient work and the boss may look for a training institute and everyone cannot be on the same media, so target the audience with appropriate network.

Be precise with content

The contents deliver the brand of your product, the description of the product should be precise, professional and relevant, pay attention to your spelling and grammar, the careless or sloppy language suggests that you are less competent.

Branding process

Build your brand with the consistency in color and design of the image and use logo to represent your company in every social media. Stick to a particular size and filters on the images you share as it looks organized. Share relevant contents regularly and maintain a steady flow, engage yourself commenting in relevant groups and discussion.

Explore the online resources to reach your goals.

Established in the United Arab Emirates, Ecube has been successfully delivering leadership, management and soft skills training programs to corporate. It’s training titles include situational leadership, time management, stress management, customer service and sales training across the Gulf including Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. Every training session is preceded by a training needs analysis and is followed by measurement of training results.

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