15 Nov 2021


Compare – Mark Twain said it best when he said that comparison is the death of joy. Well said indeed because no two people are the same nor are their circumstances. Why then do we so often resort to this despicable C. Comparison will always result in either making one feel superior if he or she perceives the self to be better than the other, or inferior if her or she perceives self to be inferior. Both create emotions that are negative and eventually have a negative impact on the self and the society. One emotion is called ego, and the other jealousy. We have a choice, to either live a life of our choice, or to keep comparing with others and try to live other people’s lives. A futile endeavor, nevertheless done with our children, spouses, employees, employers, neighbors, societies, countries and soon this world with some other planets out there.

Compete – A word that has become synonymous with business and unfortunately creates negative feelings towards other human beings in similar businesses. A brilliant method of creating enemies and waging wars in the minds of executives resulting in aggressive behavior and even abusive actions. No wonder why the term ‘cut throat’ competition is used. Is it human nature to be happy when you see someone in pain or to see someone breaking apart. Well certainly not, anyone who has such an attitude towards his/her fellow human beings would not be considered humane…yet, in the name of competition, we not only rejoice at the competitors losses but we even work towards their downfall, and then believe that we are ‘smart’. Competition is good, as long as it is healthy, and positive. As long as we use it to see how we can learn from each other and move swiftly towards our goals. I am competitive too, and I know that every day when I wake up, I have to become better than myself by 1 percent compared to yesterday. So compete we must, but lets become better than ourselves.

Criticize – Abraham Lincoln was a vehement criticizer during his younger days, until one day, after brushing a politician on the wrong side, he was challenged for a duel, almost lost his life, and then realized how dangerous criticizing someone could be. He never ever criticized after that and even stopped others from criticizing by saying ‘they are only doing what we would have done in their shoes’. If we criticize so that we can foster positive change, then let’s keep doing it…but if we are criticizing for the sake of showing that we are better off, from an egotistical stand point….then we have grave problems lined up for us….we damage relationships, we dampen spirits, we clearly drive our lives towards ultimate disaster.

So let’s check these despicable Cs and keep them at bay!

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