15 Nov 2021


Creativity in Workspace

Quirky and trendy are not words to explain the runway anymore, its applicable to workspaces too. The days of buttoned up suits, serious workspace has gone and is now replaced by fun, youthful setting. Set in unconventional ways to encourage original ideas and innovation, workspaces these days display an energy, they live and breathe and infuse ideas in the minds of the employees. Here are our ideas of having a fun workspace if you are looking to spruce up your office.

Engaging Environment

It is widely known that any employee leaves their previous jobs, not because they hate the job, but they hate where they were working. Environment where one has to work plays an important role in how long they are willing to stay there, and how much productivity they give.Here are some ways in which you can engage your employees

  • Encourage them to come up with ideas, be it handling a task in better way, or coming up with a solution for a technical glitch
  • Hold competitions, not only fun ones, but also technical ones, this will encourage them to come out of their shell and share their knowledge
  • Have brainstorming sessions, not in a discussion room – that can be a dampener! Have impromptu discussions when they are seated in their desks. They get comfortable enough to share their thoughts freely.
  • Always hear them out. Snapping at them will put a stop to further inputs from their side, and that will put a halt to any creative ideas from their side!

Relax and Replenish

A relaxing environment can go a long way while improving the creativity and productivity of an employee. Small changes in the workspace can make huge differences! So, while setting up your dream office or making changes in your existing one, make not only management changes, but physical changes as well. These are some of things you could do,

  • Add in some colour to your office. A splash of colour can take away the monotony.
  • Place encouraging images, phrases and quotes in random places. They will help motivate your employee who might be having a bad day
  • Flexible seating arrangements help. Encourage your employees to move around whilst working. You could add furniture in random places so they don’t feel restricted.
  • Have a fun area – fill it with a TT Table, or a Snooker table. Have a treadmill, or a cycle for their use.
  • A mini indoor garden, with a few potted plants – this might seem unnecessary, but it will encourage the freshers to be responsible, and that in-turn will reflect in their jobs as well.

Seamless and Simple

A ban of sorts in hierarchy – which is prominent in a lot of MNC’s actually work. When one sees their superiors as their peers, they do not feel any fear when it comes to sharing their ideas. It helps them overcome a lot of barriers and creativity flows in the environment. Here are some ways to help you,

  • Have a ‘first-name’ process at work. This will help them form friendships amongst themselves and their leads.
  • Have a get-together outside of work, this will help your entire time get to know each other better.
  • Set short term goals, for yourself, but also for your team. When all of you are working toward a goal, they you work tighter, and better.
  • Communication is very important. So, whenever something someone has done irks you, take them aside and share your feelings. Every person has to feel respected, and public outrage helps no one.

So, in short, positive thinking, and a positive environment encourages better productivity and creative/ innovative ideas. Communicate, share joy and have fun at work!

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