08 Nov 2021

Achieving Your Goals in 4 Steps

A few years back I was literally on a training & coaching spree across the Middle East! Trained senior executives and leaders in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia over the week and now returning to Dubai to grab the new year festivities, feeling stretched but stronger than ever before!

While the topics I facilitated varied from place to place, I got a good insight into the minds of the audience and found something very unique and extraordinary. Everyone wanted to be part of a beautiful future; be it a dynamic working team, a successful company, a happy family or even a united & peaceful world! They depicted their dreams so beautifully. Then came the questions of who would bell the cat? ? Inspired by the story of the Star Catcher (http://bit.ly/StarFishStory) everyone felt responsible to consciously contribute towards that vision. Energies got focused. Action steps finalized. Commitments made.

However, it may come to pass, like in most cases, that while we are eager to start something off, it just doesn’t happen. Comfort zone syndrome, tyranny of the urgent or perhaps simple lethargy, call it what you may! Keeps me wondering, what is it that gets us stuck to mediocrity and to live lives below our potentials.

As yet to find that Whatsapp message that gets me off my chair and spearheads me into action! It is like trying to get a rocket off the ground, to escape the force of gravity. No small task, however easy it may seem! Do I have an answer? Obviously. Wouldn’t attempt this article if I didn’t. I call this predicament the ‘integrity chasm’ where I want to do something, I speak about it, I feel motivated to do it, but I just do not move forth! The gap is huge, which is why I call it a chasm. It requires immense thrust, determination and honesty to cross over! There can be no excuses what so ever. I have some suggestions, see if it works, perhaps good to bear in mind when you make resolutions for 2021!

1. Get into state: When you are in your state, you are overflowing with energy, positivity and possibility. “I now command my subconscious to uplift, motivate, inspire…” and continue the statement with whatever you want to achieve. Words must be complemented with high energy in the voice and body. Nothing seems impossible after this.

2. Commit: I wanted to develop my Arabic. I signed up for a complete year. Hard earned money. I could not see is wash out. I took all my lessons and developed thus. Invest your resources that you care for when you are in ‘state’. It could mean signing up for a program, activities, sport, coach or any other thing of relevance. Another aspect of commit is to look for an accountability partner. I remember finding someone who wanted to go for a walk at 5am just like me, so I committed to pick him from his place at 4.45 and drive to the park. I now had no way to wiggle out.

3. Conscious silence: This is perhaps the most awesome tool and a radical one too. A commitment is the sowing of the seed. Investment is the required manure and soil. Silence is the water and light that supports growth of the seed. Create silence consciously every day, ideally first thing in the morning. In that space, relive your state and boost your energy so as to feel larger than life. See yourself having achieved your goal. Dive into action!

4. Measure: Nothing measured, nothing managed. Every evening/night take two minutes (not longer) to relive your ‘state’ and measure progress.

So this is my answer. Will it work for everyone? Try it out for your next resolution and you will know.

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