10 Nov 2021

4 C’s Of Effective Communication

Communication as we all know is the most important and valuable skill of a professional toolkit. Any segment of your professional life can bring you success if you are an influential communicator.

There are majorly four important communication principles that help anyone become an effective communicator in their professional life.


Identify the key message that you want to communicate in your audience’s mind. Try not to communicate a lot of things in just one message.


Try to keep short, simple, and direct sentences. Saying less will also help you stay focussed, and the more focussed you are; the higher are the chances of precise messages being communicated.


Ensure you have the complete message for the reader to respond to or take action. Incomplete messages cause a lot of iterations, back-and -forth, efforts, and wastage of time on both ends.


Being courteous is equally important and contemplating in corporate scenarios. Being courteous is a necessity to maintain healthy professional relationships.

Communication is a critical skill in especially when you work in teams or with other teams within your organization. When you communicate effectively you become efficient and command respect from your peers.

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