We are all Yogis

26 Feb 2024

We are all Yogis!

It is interesting how I get many requests from corporates and MBA students to incorporate ‘yoga’ in my sessions. They find it relaxing, relieving, and it helps them concentrate with clarity. Since I help them experience ‘yogaofthemind” which does not necessarily include any physical postures, I help them see that yoga truly means ‘union’ or ‘connection’, versus ‘viyoga’ which means ‘disconnection’. To illustrate, if I am currently thirsty and am thinking about water, then, technically speaking, I am in yoga with water. Since we are always in yoga with something or another, each of us are ‘constantyogis’. Yoga is indeed powerful. If I hold a few elevated thoughts about the self, such as: ‘I am worthy’ or ‘I can do it’, then I am in yoga with that state, and as a result, I feel and become that. If I am constantly creating thoughts of doubt, misfortune, and regret then I cause a great deal of damage. This yoga is not very helpful; in fact, it is detrimental. Hence my fellow yogis, let us not wait for June 21, International Day of Yoga to do what is fashionably right, but begin from this very moment. Forge the right connections with your thoughts and be at your best right now!”

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