15 Nov 2021


The greatest effort you credit to your success is time. There are lots of proverbs regarding time and we keep on the track that how to manage our time and even we spend a lot of time reading an article on time management and after learning we will do the same fault. No more frustrations, there are few things to come over to be great time manager.

1. Smart phones

The smart phones enabled us to be more productive and time is saved if used in a proper way but most of the time is spent in an unproductive manner. Use the technology in the way to be more productive and reach out goal.

2. Social networking

Social networking enables easy reach to the world but we spend much time on seeing updates from friends and coworker on the food they have been eating, the vacations they are taking and updating our own posts.

3. Non-business related conversations

The most of the time spent with our co-workers will not be regarding the improvements in the work but gossips about the other coworkers are any other own problems, these can be discussed during the free time or after achieving your goals.

4. Commuting

Traveling is one of the most common factors to kill a lot of time in one’s life, stuck in a car or traveling on a train or bus or struck in traffic will consume your productive time and make you bored.

5. Meetings

The only thing comes out of the meeting is an unproductive work as they spend time just sitting around a conference table and listening to someone without any intention.

6. Surfing the internet

Browsing and surfing have its own terms; Browsing – randomly read topics to gather something relevant to your query, whereas surfing – look around casually and randomly, without seeking anything in particular.

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