15 Nov 2021


The service triangle is used to market the service to the consumers. It has great importance and its components are essential to the success of any business. The components of service triangle are internal marketing, external marketing and the interactive marketing; the entities of the service triangle are supportive management, system and the competent employees.

Internal Marketing(Supportive Management)

The initial and essential step in the business world is to establish a relationship between the company and the employee. The Management has to view the employees as their internal customer. The employees should be provided adequate training on teamwork program and customer satisfaction techniques. Interact with employees on regular basis; involve them to know the goal and even the problems faced by the company. The interaction between internal customers is an important link to end well with the external customers.

External Marketing(System)

The external marketing is the interactions between the customers and the business organization. The marketer has to interact directly with the end users in order to know their needs. To keep customers happy, efficient and productive systems need to be developed. The advertisements, websites and the social media efforts show the customers how the services are provided by the organization. To achieve external marketing capture the attention of the customers in the market and drag the interest of the customer towards the company’s services.

Interactive Marketing(Competent employees)

The interaction between the employee and the customers is known as interactive marketing and it is the best way to influence the customers. The goal of interactive marketing is to have satisfied customers and to have a long-term relationship. It depends upon the employees, who deliver the service to the customer.  Interactive marketing is important because the advertisement, websites and other social media interactions are not live interactions; the live interactions with the employees will bring forth the faith about the organization or it may destroy the faith about the organization. 

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