15 Nov 2021


Critical thinking is the essential feature in sales as we must understand the key difference between “selling things to” people and getting them buy from us. The salespeople who understand the requirements of the client have the competitive edge in the market. To achieve success in sales the salesperson has to utilize all the faculties of the brain. The people expert in the particular field knows how to sell things and also make them buy from us.

The robust critical thinking in sales will require spontaneity of generating ideas either it might be for gathering the information or processing the gathered information. Post relevant questions to the client and don’t get emotional if the client keeps on asking doubts and if the customer gets emotional don’t lose your temper.  The negotiation skills are the most essential in the critical thinking process. A pre-determined approach or prepared plan of action to achieve a specific goal or objective to potentially find and make an agreement or contract in a negotiation with another party or parties.

The critical thinking in sales appreciated by clients includes positioning the information throughout the sales process and differentiates the products and services by using the word to shape a client’s perception. Always listen to the client with the highest level of interest. The client will relate the interactions made with them if the client feels the conversation satisfied then the personal and business connection begins. Collaborate with the clients before jumping into a decisions, this will make a client proud and make him invest with higher confident.

The strong presence of salespeople will convey a business image, confident and disciplined level of the organization to the client. The assumptions, preconceptions, interruption, personal issues and the conclusions before the conversations completed are the hindrances to the critical thinking. 

Established in the United Arab Emirates, Ecube has been successfully delivering leadership,  management and soft skills training programs to corporate. It’s training titles include situational leadership, time management, stress management, customer service and sales training across the Gulf including Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia,  Bahrain and Kuwait. Every training session is preceded by a training needs analysis and is followed by measurement of training results.

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