Attitude towards change

04 Mar 2022


There’s no doubt that the phase of change is a time of pressure and lack of motivation for any organization. However, if we dissect the change as it comes along our way by asking why and what comes along with it, the rest that we will witness will not seem so distressing. Hence now let us try to look at the WHY of a change through the dimension of our harbingers of change, the superlatives of any organization.

So, if looked from the viewpoint of change-makers, they try to see it happening in two different attitudes:

Reactive attitude :

Being reactive to change highlights the effects from the world around the organization, all the external worries like the sliding share prices, missing market predictions, and scattered priorities might take one into the fire- flight mode, and hence through this attitude, the urgency to become a part of the fuss of the world becomes important for the organization. Hence, with such an attitude changes happen as the need of the hour, a need which is already understood by every employee. As a result, such an attitude, although might be helpful in emergencies or inter-personal crisis, they take a toll on workplace wellness, as any worry outside might force and not motivate the employees to work for it.

Such an attitude is highly inefficient, and unhealthy to have on a regular basis.

Proactive attitude :

On the other hand, a proactive attitude towards change is all about the motivation and need to change that comes from within, it is a self-driven mode of urgency that stays unaffected by the external factors, and as a matter of fact comes along with all the three- an initiative, a plan to execute in the present and another plan of similar potential for the organization’s future endeavors. And in this case, the motivation to do all of these comes from within, as in a way of the constant hustle towards outshining the rest of the world ahead. In a way, this mode is more cost efficient as everything here is already sketched out.

As a result, the employees are less stressed, more efficient, and the expenditure is less. Additionally, the turnover risk of the organization is reduced, the return on investment is high and adoption ease is increased because your staff understands why and how the change will affect them.

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