01 Jan 2022

Do you trust your leader ?

Trust in the workplace is of paramount importance. It ensures team collaboration, productivity, and smooth execution of tasks in the organization. When considering the relationship between managers and employees, the whole relationship can be summed up in just one question, do you trust your leader? There are multiple reasons why building trust is important among employees.

1) Trust helps a company become more transparent and removes layers of hierarchies which helps both leaders and employees work towards the main objective of the organization.

2) It motivates your team to perform well and hence increases productivity towards a better result.

3) Trust also helps teams to accept constructive feedback.

4) Trust keeps the team together and works collaboratively towards one goal.

Trust and leadership go hand in hand but somewhere finding the balance between the two is the key. You can trust your leader but there is no acknowledgeable trust clause. Trusting your leader is similar to respecting them, and it needs to be earned. You may like your leader but trusting them is a whole different aspect.

When employees trust their leaders, it results in a more motivated team and greater levels of engagement and productivity in longer terms. The most excellent way of building trust is through communication and allowing employees to understand how their work contributes to a bigger picture.

Building trust can make or break all other efforts to keep a team together or stakeholders happy. It is actually the simplest and most crucial for organizational success.

Learning to build trust will always instill a sense of confidence in your team and raise the levels of expertise. Ecube training & consulting has always been forefront in sharing leadership insights and training corporates to evolve out their best.

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