15 Nov 2021


Composure is a state of being calm and tranquil during pressure-packed moments. In a normal state, the composure of a person is rather charming, behaves inspiring and work highly efficient; however, the composure becomes drastically difficult to handle when the same person is at the peak of pressure. Maintaining composure is sometimes as easy as counting the candies in a jar and sometimes it is as hard as counting the stars in the sky.

Practice the following tips to maintain composure when pressure mounts:

  • When you are under pressure take a deep breath or drink some water as this make it easy for you to revert back to a normal state.
  • Don’t immediately react to the person emotionally, remain calm.
  • Avoid adding phrases that add fuel to the situation and walking away is not recommended because it flares up the ego.
  • Practice providing a solution to a problem before it gets out of hand.
  • A firm voice and tone is always recommended, don’t raise your voice just because the other person raised his voice. If you do so, then you are creating a path for others to judge that you are out of control.
  • There shouldn’t be an oscillation in your positive attitude, be fearless, nothing can hurt your emotions unless you take it more seriously than required, with a negative attitude.
  • Laughing reduces stress, using humor allows you to take back your power, so find an immediate source of laughter.

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