15 Nov 2021


A real influencer knows the right person to influence and how to influence them. Knowing a person’s emotional disposition, ability to cooperate and reasonability is not a simple task, it can be achieved only if you are a skilled influencer. Influencing is power, an art and also an essential skill that a leader must possess. Not all leaders are experts in influencing others to get work done on time with astounding results. Much has been said about the immense influence that Franklin D Roosevelt was able to exert on his people.

What are the qualities needed for a leader to be “A Real Influencer”? 

Never forget your roots – It is always important to remember the place from where you started your journey. The leader today was an employee at some time; there was someone who influenced the leader to follow the right path, to reach their goal. Now it is the leader’s responsibility to do the same for their employees. The they should never forget to be humble, to keep their feet to the ground. Besides, it is essential to teach others the importance of possessing the quality of humility.

Focus more on others success – Influencing a person can be achieved if the leader helps others reach their goal in the best possible way. With true commitment, supporting people during hard times and showing them that they are always available goes a long way in winning their hearts. The best way to focus on your people’s success is to ‘learn’ them, i.e., where are they right now, how long they have to travel to achieve their goals, and what is your part in influencing them both logically and emotionally.

Persistent – Willingness to go beyond where others will stop makes the leader ‘A Real Influencer’. All great things take time hence persistence is the only key to achieve this goal.

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