15 Nov 2021

Google’s Secrets Of Successful Team

In 2012, Google set out to investigate what makes the most successful teams and came up with some really innovative secrets of successful projects, works, or teams. The results really piqued curiosity over finding the secrets or keys well defined for successful teams in any organization. The research finally came to an answer, “What actually means to make a great team?” The most astonishing factor we came across was that it does not matter who we have in our teams, as in how well qualified, or well prepped but the cliche is how they interact, the structure of their work, and their contributions.

We learned that there are five important dynamics that set a successful team apart in any organization and fetch results.

1) Psychological Safety: Can we take risks on this team without feeling embarrassed or insecure. Psychological safety completely describes how our team members feel safe and vulnerable while discussing their ideas, taking risks, or giving suggestions in front of each other.

2) Dependability: Can we count on each other for quality work and deliverability on time. Team members should feel responsible for getting things done on time and meet the organization’s bar of excellence.

3) Structure & Clarity Are goals, roles, and execution plans well defined. Team members should be well adept with their plans, goals, and roles.

4) Meaning Of Work: Are we working on something which has personal importance for us and retains our growth! Work should showcase some personal importance to each of its members.

5) Impact Of Work: Do we believe in the importance of the work? Team members think their work matters and make an impact. This is in itself a motivation to keep things rolling.

You need to ensure that the five keys are part of your new teams during any organizational change. At a minimum, your research on which existing team(s) might exhibit these characteristics within your organization. We should take advantage of these findings in your efforts. Organizations are always looking to improve team effectiveness. It doesn’t matter if you’re adopting more Agile and Lean methods or new approaches such as DevOps. You owe it to your teams and organization to spend the time and review the five keys to team success.

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