15 Nov 2021


Rapport is a relation of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between the people; it also means making a connection or establishing a relationship. To open the doors for success, create a sense of trust and understanding with the people you meet despite your industry and position. Rapport is not only the tool for building relationships; it’s often the basis for achieving success.

Keep a ‘YOU’ focus – Most humans love to talk about themselves, to bind with mutual understanding go with relaxing and open talk. The attentiveness you show towards them will attract them more towards you. Listen to the person and post him relevant questions that will show him you are listening to him/her. Share your experiences and use words like ‘we’, ‘ours’ and ‘us’ during the conversation.

During the conversation try to use their names at least 3-4 times, this shows you are trying to seek their attention and there will positive result and speak the same language(tone) as they speak. In a communication nature of our voice makes up greater effort than the words we speak. The empathy we show towards them will be reflected back towards us.

Maintain an emotional bank account, i.e. the amount of trust exists in a relationship and every interaction that we have with another can be classified as a deposit or a withdrawal. Deposits build and repairs trust. Withdrawals break down and lessen trust. If you seek to understand first in a relationship then you are depositing and if you assume that you understood then you are withdrawing.

Finally accentuating the positive – find happiness in small things, avoid toxic situations and bring down the “can do” attitude.

When you have a rapport with someone, you’re better placed to influence, learn and teach, particularly as the trust that you’ve built up means other people are more likely to accept your ideas, to share information, and to create opportunities together.

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