15 Nov 2021


We Humans adapt ourselves to any situation, but sometimes, we need a small push. We learn quickly, picking up skills with ease, constantly investigating boundaries and finding new ways to push them. But the flipside? We can just as easily find ourselves growing bored and settling into complacency as the novelty of what was once new wears off. This becomes a problem when we love what we are doing, and want to have a long-term career in one field. Finding ways to recharge your creative spark and inspire yourself is not only worthwhile for growth, it’s imperative!

You need challenge and change, it is a part of being human! So, if you’re feeling burnt out and uninspired, it deserves your attention. Your career fulfilment is important. So, take accountability for how you’re feeling and realize that nothing is wrong with you.Give it some attention, and you will come out of it.

Another thing that you can do is, take a trip down memory lane. Back to the days when you had just started off in the field of your choice. There was such magic in everything; you enjoyed every moment, and every small success was magnificent! What was it about those days that was different? Perhaps you celebrated your successes more than you do now, and all you need is to add that ritual back into your life.

While Creativity doesn’t come easy for most — even for the most creative minds, but there are moments where we have to bring ideas and flavour to each client on a regular basis and that alone will stop the flow of ideas. Many people say they come up with their best ideas when they’re outside the office, while driving, in the shower or in bed.

The fact that there is no interruption during these times, and the brain can relax and be creative. So, consider scheduling creative time. Go for a walk or schedule thinking time outside of the office. It’s important to give yourself time to be creative and let the mind wander.If you’re coming up with ideas and bringing them to the team or to the client, your supervisor shouldn’t care about where or when the idea came to life!

Established in United Arab Emirates, E-cube has been successfully delivering leadership, management and softs skills training programs to corporate. Its training titles include situational leadership, time management, stress management, customer service and sales training across the Gulf including Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. Every training session is preceded by a training needs analysis and is followed by measurement of training results.

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