06 Nov 2021


Team building is very important to every business, every entrepreneur and even someone who is planning on a simple group activity. Belonging to a team sets you up for greater effectiveness that you never could accomplish on your own. Organizations and groups that promote teamwork create environments that lead to greater productivity, creativity not to mention a feeling of ownership. So, let’s have a look at the various ways in which we can improve the working of a team.

1.Common and clear goal

A common goal is very important. It will make sure everyone is working towards the same goal, and also something that they are clear about. When the goal, or the mission to be achieved is not clear, confusion erupts, and even worse, people might lose interest in achieving it too. Remember, an informed team, is a clear-headed team. And that in turn, is a team that will work together to achieve great success.

2.Aptly Hired and Fully Committed

When you are forming a team, each member will have their own responsibilities, so hiring the right people becomes of the utmost importance. So, have a talk with your chosen team members, find out what they like and try posting them for that job, if that is not possible, promise them a similar opportunity in the near future and stick to your word.

3.Communication is Vital

Yes! When you are a part of a team, communication is very important. Project management and people management has become easier thanks to the availability of a variety of tools, like e-mail, mobile phones, and a lot of Project Management software. So, make use of whatever works for you, train your team to use them.

4. Work Hard Party Harder

This adage holds true and is a very important strategy when it comes to building your team. When they meet outside, on a social setting, they get a chance to know who they are working with, even make friends with them. This will help them gel well when it comes to a work environment. Have a quarterly party, it could be a dinner, or a day of adventure sports!

5.Leader is One

When you are setting up a team, it is imperative that you choose the right leader. While many may be willing to take up the role, it’s up to you to select the right person. Look at the skill set required for the working of your project. Then look at candidates that are adept in it. Skills are needed for a project, but people are needed for a team. So, choose wisely.

6.Celebrete Success

Victories, small or big, will have to be celebrated. It will give your team members smaller goals to work towards. All success stories are not a result of the hard work of a single person, it is a result of tremendous effort, sacrifice, and perseverance shown by a team of people working towards their combined goal. So, take time to celebrate success, and also those who have helped you succeed.

7.Encourage and Motivate

Not everyone can motivate themselves, some need a constant backing and there’s nothing wrong with that. Encourage and motivate them, for when they come out of their shell, they are capable of tremendous things!

Usually, management will create teams that work. Occasionally, no matter what they do, they do not get the results that they want, thereby forming a disastrous team. Follow the 7 habits of generative teams and you will be surprised at the synergy that gets created, the moment that gets sparked and the creativity that gets aroused in everyone.

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