The Sales Accelerator Program is bespoken for commercial teams that are looking for an overflowing sales pipeline, busy order books, and a healthy bottom line. The structure is closely

designed to promote higher transfer, application of sales concepts in the work environment,

and tracking the learner’s progress through the program.

Who Is It For?

Our training is best suited for organizations that wish to develop their commercial teams to:

  Raise their overall performance levels
  Differentiate their offering and prepare their sales team to sell on value and not price
  Persuade prospects with the power of words and actions.
  Handle objections with a clear understanding of ‘what’, and ‘why’.
  Create and claim value; be assertive, show empathy, and develop trust with prospects and clients
  Measure appropriate metrics and design sounds forecasting techniques.

When anyone joins your sales organization, such as a salesperson from another company or a new hire directly from college, you should take advantage of their first year or so to teach them the sales process and selling skills that are essential to how your company sells. An effective way to do this is to offer a planned sequence of core workshops.


Experiential learning: Swotting through engaging activities within the workshop to gain a deeper understanding of insights.
Role Play: Learning through practical and real-life scenarios.
Appreciative Inquiry: Modeling a positive outlook towards life challenges to sustain
constructive change
We encourage you to speak with a SAP consultant so that we can learn more about your sales training needs and then suggest the workshops and delivery options that would be most applicable for you.

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SAP, Advance

  •    Sales Negotiation Skills
  •    Key Account Management
  •    Sales Prospecting and Business Development
  •    High Performance Selling
  •    Presenting with Impact
  •    Writing a Winning Proposal
  •    Team Selling
  •    Selling with Influence

Workshop Objectives

  • Analyzing my approach to sales and understanding how different customers act in different ways, and how to match their style to maximize rapport, provide appropriate solutions and close confidently.
  • ‘Widening the net’ through Prospecting & designing a ‘Prospect Board’
  • Qualifying the Customer through a ‘NEADS’ Analysis.
  • A shift from being a salesperson to a sales consultant using Neil Rackham’s SPIN Technique
  • Handling and overcoming Objections are typically logistics industry-based.
  • The Art of Closing the Sale while mastering various proven tools & techniques.
  • Science and Art of Negotiating.
  • Phases, zones & principles of ‘getting to yes.
  • Persuading with Power using oral words, actions, and the written word.
  • Understanding Personalities, the self, vis-à-vis the customer, and tailoring the sale accordingly.
  • Using appropriate metrics and forecasting techniques.
  • Mission Possible – A unique element in the framework of the program exclusive to Ecube’s training programs.
  • This would contain Sales Concepts that must be implemented in the workplace post each session.

Sales is the backbone of your business – without it, your bottom line would suffer. SAP can help you reach – and even exceed – your revenue goals with a unique blend of sales training programs and reinforcement services and consulting and sales coaching services.




The Program Structure

The program constitutes a well-researched approach that guarantees a shift through the Process.

During Facilitation

  • Spaced out bite-sized sessions to maximize retention, implementation, and transformation. One session every 7 days
  • ‘Mission Possible’ assignments after each session
  • Total of 4 sessions


  • 1-1 Coaching of all participants virtually, to get a grip of where they stand in the space of sales and to prepare them and make them committed to the program.
  • Pre-training preparation material

Post Facilitation

  • 4 x Continuous Learning And Development (CLAD) assignments that do not require the the physical presence of participants. Each month, Ecube will share relevant and contemporary ideas on sales along with ‘Mission Possible’ exercises for the participants to practice the new Ideas.

Learning Reinforcement

  • We understand the importance of skill retention and provide sales training reinforcement services to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your sales force.
  • It is not just a one-time sales training program, we ensure your success retention by providing a variety of online practice activities and reinforcement services to help participants retain new skills and apply them to real-life situations

You Will Also Get Comprehensive Written Training Modules,
Worksheets and Handouts

You will receive organized, easy-to-follow instructions for each one of the exercises, principles and processes shared during the TRL sessions.

These resources include handouts, action plans to follow, engaging stories, plus other reference materials to use at any given point of time in the future to create company standards, procedures or guidelines for better Leadership.

Sign up now and we shall get in touch with you to develop exceptional leaders for your organization

or to connect with a ecube Advisor call + 971 55 584 3210