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Introducing: A Proven Leadership System

  • Whether you desire to:

  •    Transform yourself
  •    Become a better professional
  •    Take your existing career to the next level
  •    Start a new career
  •    Work with unique groups of people
  •    Create powerful life changes

The Resilient Leader (TRL) gives you everything you need to transform your life and career by transforming others.

Use Leadership Principles and Methodologies to Create
Game-Changing Personal and Professional Transformation

(No situation in its own is ever complete. Any challenge that the leader faces demands
the above three key components: Awareness, Strategy and Action)

The resilient leader is rooted in understanding and strengthening the self. In fact, the journey of being an effective leader begins with personal transformation. From personal transformation we extend to people transformation naturally. It supports the development of leadership values and universal principles through practices of self-reflection and non-judgmental awareness. Only when one is aware completely of one’s own self and the situation can any effective people & organizational strategy be implemented. It is from this phase that the organization will begin reaping benefits and will eventually experience successful action plans that brings about successful organizational transformation.

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Transform the Lives of Your Employees and Clients

Discover your leadership patterns and foundations diagnose your leadership tasks

Develop your own leadership style, learn effective dialogue, revitalize your vision and build on your strengths

Boost your capacity to change and move to a higher level of leadership performance

Develop a personal leadership path that ensures you remain inspired and resilient for the future

The program will cover various topics to provide participants with tools and ideas that will make them efficient professionals and agile leaders whilst dispensing their daily responsibilities.

This program is based on ‘Leadership 2.0’ model, an upgraded version of the usual, run-of-the-mill leadership 1.0; this program focuses on the ‘being journey’ of the participant and not just the ‘doing journey’.

It does not matter if you are...

  •    A manager having trouble filling a room or getting clients
  •    A business owner or corporate manager struggling to inspire your team to reach their highest potential
  •    Secretly afraid you do not have the ability and tools to be an manager
  •    Feeling “stuck” in your career or life and cannot figure out a way to take it to the next level
  •    Looking to transform yourself into a higher level of being before you transform others

Ecube Team with over 50 years of experience in Employee Training, helps you become more effecient, confident professional in whatever field you are in.

Big or small

Trusted by All

You Will Also Get Comprehensive Written Training Modules,
Worksheets and Handouts

You will receive organized, easy-to-follow instructions for each one of the exercises, principles and processes shared during the TRL sessions.

These resources include handouts, action plans to follow, engaging stories, plus other reference materials to use at any given point of time in the future to create company standards, procedures or guidelines for better Leadership.

The real value of leadership programs can be derived, provided the right one is selected.

Before you invest your valuable time and resources, lets understand why “The Resilient Leader Program” helps you tick the right boxes in terms of personal and professional growth.

Become a Certified Leadership Expert In

  •    Negotiation Skills
  •   Ability to manage and implement change
  •   Problem solving and decision making skills
  •    Design thinking capability
  •    Alignment of profit with purpose
  •    Networking etiquette
  •    Organizational Vs Departmental perspectives

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