Strategic Partnerships

Winstar Consulting specialize in Design Thinking, Management Consulting, Training and Coaching for Organizational Development and Achieving Excellence in working teams. We act as a catalyst to help you achieve your business goals and earn profits with harmonized teams and happy clients; through our specialized OD interventions in the area of product/ service excellence, business goal setting, strategic planning, complex problem solving and inter-departmental / teams conflict resolution.

Winstar-Consulting is a consulting firm that facilitates strategic clarity and ensures that your time with your team is well spent. When you work with Winstar-Consulting, you are not buying an ‘off-the-shelf’ product. You are investing in a relationship, out of which we create customized solutions; that are designed to move your organization in the direction you want to go.

At Winstar-Consulting, our model is to bring together teams of associates with the precise skills our clients need for the particular task at hand.

Sometimes, that means we will work one-on-one with clients. Other times, we offer a cadre of skilled facilitators to help navigate larger group sessions or scalability across large organization. Still other times, we bring a multidisciplinary team of experts in fields such as Graphic Recorders, Technical Scriber, E-Learning apps & content developers, planning and research, Business Requirement Analysis, Project Management or Project Management Coaching, Business Coaching/Executive Coaching/Group Coaching, graphic designers and/or Software developer to offer our clients the full range of perspectives required.